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MASTER MASSIVE „The Pendulum“ will be released on May 29th, 2015 on ViciSolum Productions!

Dear press & radio,

please find below the key information about the May 29th, 2015 release from:

MASTER MASSIVE – The Pendulum (ViciSolum/ Sound Pollution)

The PR for this release will start during the next couple of days. Please contact us with your requests!


Product: Master Massive – The Pendulum

Label: ViciSolum

Release date: 29.05.2015

PR (in Europe without Sweden):

        Jan Strandh


The MASTER MASSIVE biography goes as far back as 1993, when guitar player Jan Strandh released a 6 song cassette with singer Erik Forsberg, bassist Johan Wijkmark and drummer Petter Karlsson. Later that year, bass player Karl Nyhlin was recruited. The spot for a second guitar player was altered between Anders Ericson (BEYOND TWILIGHT and SECTU) and Yngve Frank (ZANITY and MEAN STREAK).

With the urge of doing something different, Jan initiated the idea of making a heavy metal opera. Together with Ninitha Maivorsdotter the libretto of “THE PENDULUM“ was created.

With line-up Jan, Yngve, Petter and Karl and hosted by a long list of singers from the hometown of Skövde, the opera was recorded.

Different constellations of the band have come and gone. Despite the bands medial obscurity and absence from the recording industry, MASTER MASSIVE is well connected in the Heavy Metal community. Jan has been a member of both TWILIGHT and NOTRE DAME and Anders has two other obligations in BEYOND TWILIGHT and SECTU. Petter went on to THERION. Karl changed his musical direction and is now a professional lutenist.

Jan Strandh about “The Pendulum”:

While working with The Pendulum we wanted to experience the anxiety that comes with the knowledge of the negative changes taking place in the world. Fear felt by common people far from the centre of power and therefore in no position to make major decisions and changes. This feeds the feeling of hopelessness of living in a non-working civilization where necessary political decisions are not possible to make. To seize power over our own fear and to get out of this relentless emotion we decided to create a personal legend in the form of an opera. In this opera – The Pendulum, one single individual is given the power to change the fate of the Earth. Impossible in real life, but totally viable within the aesthetic framework of opera as an art form. In our opera the human being chosen for the assignment is a normal person, not a hero character. His only weapon in the fight for the Earth’s survival is his ability to refrain from the thoughts, feelings and habits hitherto a natural part of him.

These dark subjects; climate angst and criticism of contemporary society is a natural part of both the long tradition of operatic storytelling as well as in the avant-garde rock movement of the 1970’s. Progressive hard rock has often includes music and lyrics where dramatic metaphorical processes has a clear political edge. To increase the dynamics of The Pendulum we make use of traditional instruments in several acoustic passages.


Jan Strandh- lead guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals

Yngve Frank- guitar

Anders Ericson – guitar

Max Warnby – Bass

Fred Warnby – Drums


Peo Pettersson (Axia,Leviticus), Katarina Lilja (Therion), Erik Forsberg, Öivin Tronstad  (Jupiter Society), Tony Yoansson (Masquerade), Tony Niva (Niva, Lion´s Share), Petter Karlsson (Therion), Karl Nyhlin

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