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SKINTRADE „Scarred For Life“ will be released on July 24th on AOR Heaven!

Dear press & radio,

below you find the key information about the July AOR Heaven release for: Skintrade – “Scarred For Life”. We’ll be responsible for the PR in Europe except for the UK. Haulix links will be send on Friday, May 29th.

UK contacts can request this release from Mike Exley/ ME PR.


Product: Skintrade – Scarred For Life

Label: AOR Heaven

Release date: 24.07.2015

PR in Europe (without the UK):


SKINTRADE was formed in 1992 by Matti Alfonzetti (vocals), George Bravo (guitar, backing vocals), Stefan Bergström (guitar, backing vocals), Hakan Calmroth (bass) and Håkan Persson (drums, backing vocals). The group’s self-titled debut was released in 1993 and received overwhelmingly positive respnse from both media and audience. The singles „Sick As A Dog“ and „One By One“ were played frequently on the radio and their videos spun on MTV’s „Headbangers Ball“. The same year, SKINTRADE was honored with a Zeppelin award for „Best Hard Rock Album“ and was nominated for a Swedish Grammis (Grammy equivalent) in the category of „Best Video”. The follow-up CD, „Roach Powder“, came out in 1995 with Thomas Skogsberg as a producer (ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER). The videos for the singles „Snap Goes Your Mind“ and „Flies“ were played regularly on MTV.

Between 1993 and 1995, SKINTRADE embarked on several tours of Europe and played at some of Sweden’s and Europe’s biggest festivals such as Sweden Rock, Hultsfred, Dala Rock, Dynamo Open Air (Holland) and Rock Am Ring (Germany). SKINTRADE also supported the Danish band D-A-D on their European tour in 1995. One of their last and most memorable gigs took place in late 1995 with the Irish band THERAPY? during a live radio show in Amsterdam, Netherlands. SKINTRADE disbanded shortly thereafter.

The idea for the SKINTRADE members to collaborate again came about as they got more and more requests from fans asking them to make new music. During the first rehearsal in May 2011, it became obvious that the band’s chemistry was very much intact. In the summer and autumn of 2011, SKINTRADE recorded four new songs at Sound Trade Studios with their old friend and partner Ronny Lahti, engineer and producer who previously worked with the band on all the recordings in the ’90s. SKINTRADE’s „best-of“ album, „Past And Present“, was released in March 2012 via Universal Music. The CD includes three new songs and 12 classics.

Their new album, ¨Scarred For Life”, will be released via AOR Heaven on July 24th, 2015. Once again the CD was recorded and mixed by Oscar Ammer. This time Skintrade also worked with producer Geo Slam on the song ”Wide Awake” originally recorded by Katy Perry and written by Max Martin.


Track listing: 01. Scarred for Life,
03. Wide Awake,
04. Lay With Me, 05. Find A Way,
06. LoveHate,
07. Leave A Scar,
08. Broken,
09. Storm Will Come,
10. 15 Minutes Gone

SKINTRADE are: Matti Alfonzetti – Vocals, Guitar: Stefan Bergström – Guitar, Backing Vocals: Håkan Calmroth – Bass Håkan Persson  – Drums, Backing Vocals

Soundfiles in advance:

SKINTRADE – Broken (Edit)

SKINTRADE – Scarred For Life (Edit)

SKINTRADE – Wide Awake (Edit)


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