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VICTOR SMOLSKI workshop & interview opportunities at Wacken Open Air!


Guitarist VICTOR SMOLSKI (ex Rage) and his ALMANAC band mates Michael Kolar (drums) and Armin Alic (bass) will execute a Metal work shop on July 31st at 18.00 CET and August 1st at 18.00 CET at the Metal Market Event Tent at Wacken Open Air. The versatile musicians will give you an in-depth look into the secrets of “song-writing” and “song-arrangement”, and talk about many interesting studio secrets. Following this, ALMANAC will do a jam session at the same place!

Please publish these news! We’re from now responsible for the PR for Victor Smolski and will be able to arrange interviews with the guitarist for press on July 31st and August 1st. The interviews will take place at the V.I.P. area. Please contact us at  to book your slot!

Tour dates 2015


31.07.2015 D-Wacken, Metal Market Event Tent (Workshop)

01.08.2015 D-Wacken, Metal Market Event Tent (Workshop)

15.11.2015 CZ-Zlin, Sports Hall Euronics (Winter Masters of Rock)


12.09.2015 D-Köln, KölnKlang Open Air (Freetime Reloaded feat. Victor Smolski)

18.09.2015 D-Köln, Altes Pfandhaus (Freetime Reloaded feat. Victor Smolski)

19.09.2015 D-Göppingen, Fine Young Guitars (Workshop)

20.09.2015 D-Göppingen, Fine Young Guitars (Workshop)

10.10.2015 D-Lübeck, RockPop-Schule (Workshop)

28.11.2015 D-Düsseldorf, Club Pitcher (Workshop)

18.12.2015 D-Bergheim, Medio.Rhein.Erft (Freetime Reloaded feat. Victor Smolski)

08.01.2016 D-Bergheim, Medio.Rhein.Erft, A Night Of Electric Guitar

For more information:


Booking Agency: /

Press contact: (Birgitt Schwanke, GerMusica PR)

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