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HELLBROS veröffentlichen selbstbetiteltes Album am 15.09.2015 über BAD REPUTATION!

Liebe Medienpartner,

nach der Sommerpause meldet sich auch das französische Label Bad Reputation zurück mit einer neuen Veröffentlichung: am 15.09.2015 erscheint das selbstbetitelte Album der kanadischen Rockband HELLBROS.

Wir bemustern ab Anfang kommender Woche in sehr begrenzter Stückzahl mit Promo-CDs Medien aus Deutschland und Österreich. Bei Interesse bitte anfragen!

Band: Hellbros

Album: Hellbros

VÖ-Datum: 21.08.2015

Label: Bad Reputation

PR: (D & A)


Brothers Peter Jurt (vocals, guitar) & Christian Jurt (guitar) along with childhood friends Josh Roy (drums, vocals) and Mat ‘Spag’ Colins (bass, vocals) create the high-energy quartet that blast out “kick- ass rock anthems that will rock your socks off”.

Straight outta Canada’s capital, Ottawa Ontario, Hellbros are anything but a bunch of latte sipping civil servants. Instead they spend their time crafting “loud, belligerent rock n roll with heaps of attitude. Hellbros are not a one trick pony though, offering some slower paced and at times melodic tracks but always with a sense of urgency”. Known for their unpredictable and insanely entertaining life shows, the ‘Bros have extensively toured Canada and have their sights set on Europe and the U.S.

Taking home the fan voted best rock/hard rock album of the year in the 2012 Independent Music Awards for their debut album ‘Goodtime Machine’, Hellbros have once again teamed up with engineer and co-producer Dean Hadjichristou and mixing wizard Riccardo ‘Paso’ Pasini for a follow up EP entitled ‘Calling All Giants’. The new record has the band expanding there ever evolving sound to darker, grittier territory but still rocking out “riffs bigger than Canadian Tire Center”. The band is set to once again hit the road this summer with there new material and hope to grow there ever expanding, loyal fan base.

  1. Street Party  2. For The Worst  3. Dead City Rockers 4. Father Time 5. Hate 6. Tombstone 7. Kill you 8. Terminator 9. Trespassing by Night 10. Shoot The Horse 11. I Heart Drugs

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