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Swedish Folk Metal band FEJD to release „Trolldom“ on May 27th, 2016 on DEAD END EXIT RECORDS!

Metal heads,

next up in PR is the new album “Trolldom” by Swedish Folk Metal band FEJD. The album is scheduled for a release on May 27th, 2016 via DEAD END EXIT RECORDS/ Sound Pollution.

Haulix links for this release will be send tomorrow. Promo CD’s for this title should arrive here during the last week of April. Please send us your requests!

Product: Fejd – Trolldom

Release date: 27.05.2016

Label: Dead End Exit

Style: (Swedish) Folk Metal

For fans of: Heidevolk, Månegarm, Thyrfing



FEJD – revolving around the brothers Rimmerfors return with their fourth full-length album “Trolldom”. Once again the Swedish musicians prove to be among the masters in the genre of authentic folk music. Combining classic and authentic folk instruments with distorted guitars, and adding the sound of Metal drums to create a sweeping mix of beautiful nature mysticism. The beautiful and characteristic vocals soar above the music and bring the listener into world of myths and legends. FEJD create an irresistible call with „Trolldom“ that will bewitch fans all around the globe! Your ticket to the world of myths and legends! Folk Metal from Sweden!



Trolldom – CD 2016

Nagelfar – CD 2013

Eifur – CD 2010

Storm – CD 2009

Eld – CDEP 2006

Huldran – CDEP 2004

I en tid som var… – CDEP 2002

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