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The Swedish melodic metal band NARNIA just released a music video for their new single „I Still Believe“ online. The track comes off the highly anticipated self-titled NARNIA album that is released today, September 16th.

Link to the music video:


On the new self-titled album NARNIA re-visits their melodic roots but with an updated sound, creating a perfect blend; a powerful production by CJ Grimmark, mixed and mastered by Thomas “Plec” Johansson.

Narnia Line-up 2016: Christian Liljegren – Vocals; CJ Grimmark – Guitars, keyboards & backing vocals; Andreas “Habo” Johansson – Drums; Martin Härenstam – Keyboards; Andreas Passmark – Bass

During the years Narnia has been established as one of the leading forces in melodic, neoclassical metal, with a strong reputation of being a great live act that always delivers. And so it continues.. The fans are asking for more and the band is hungrier than ever!

Upcoming NARNIA tour dates:

September 23rd: Scenen Sofiehof Underjord – Jönköping, Sweden

September 24th: Nalen Klubb (Alcazar) – Stockholm, Sweden

September 25th: iNTiMAN – Västerås, Sweden

November 5th: Faddergalan – Kungsängen, Sweden

November 11th: Brainstorm Festival – Apeldoorn, Netherlands

More tour dates will be announced soon.


Narnia band photo:

„Narnia“ album artwork:


Narnia online



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