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Celeb Car Crash: New record “People Are The Best Show” released on 1981 Records!

Available since yesterday in all digital stores and streaming services “People Are The Best Show”, new album from Celeb Car Crash released worldwide by 1981 Records. The release in Germany and Austria will officially happen on October 28th, 2016.


The record was mixed by Riccardo “Paso” Pasini at “Studio 73” (Extrema, Ephel Duath, etc…) and mastered by Riccardo Parenti at “Elephant Studios”; except for the track “January” mastered by Giovanni Versari at “La Maestà Mastering Studios” (Muse, Subsonica, etc…).

The Artwork of the record was made together with famous Chinese artist “Maleonn” (, one of the most influential visual active performers of our time from China. His works were exhibited around the world and caught the attention of international media including The Guardian, Daily Mail and the BBC.

Listen to a sound clip in advance to “Outdone”, a new track taken from “People Are The Best Show”:

Please send us your promo requests for this release!

Tracklist: 1- Let me In, 2- Because I’m Sad, 3- The Whereabouts, 4- Outdone, 5- Hello  ‚Morning, 6- Murder Party, 7- January, 8- Enemy’s Desire, 9- Stereo (The Body of Christ), 10- Hangin‘ On A Rope, 11- Nothing New Under The Sun, 12- Nearly In Bloom


Buy “People are the best show” here:



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