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CELEB CAR CRASH release new single and video for “Enemy’s Desire”!

The video for “Enemy’s Desire”, latest single from the album “People Are The Best Show” by Celeb Car Crash, is based on the most classical archetypes, although impactful: a starter, a couple, a “witness” and a linear path; it deals with life, encounters, obstacles, supernatural or unlikely events which hinder the main characters, hope and the end.


The first scene of the video was shot with the aid of a drone, while all the rest in an unique sequence shot. A single take, filmed at the dawn of November 2nd “All Souls’ Day”, slowmotion and a few digital effects in post-production. Classe’s Lido, the seaside and its pine grove are the setting to this video.

Product completely Made in Italy with the typical xenophilic taste the band has always accustomed us since their musical beginning.


Directed by Filippo Cinotti and Nicola Briganti. The worldwide premiere was given to “”, on the 5th of December, which will offer exclusively to its readers, for 24h, the video for “Enemy’s Desire” as preview.


Celeb Car Crash band would like all your readers to enjoy the video!


Link to the video:

Current album: People Are The Best Show


PR in Germany & Austria:


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