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PRIDE & JOY MUSIC Newsletter – week 12/2017

PRIDE & JOY MUSIC Newsletter – week 12/2017

Welcome to our newsletter for this week! Please find the latest news about our artists and releases below.


ALDARIA – “Land Of Light” released tomorrow!

The album “Land Of Light” from Symphonic/Power Metal band ALDARIA will be released tomorrow. The CD is available in our online shop with a free sticker as bonus which is only available through us.

Get the CD incl. the sticker at this link:

Watch the official video clip for “Guardians Of The Light” here:


LIONCAGE  – “The Second Strike” available from tomorrow!

German AOR band LIONCAGE will release their new album “The Second Strike” tomorrow. This release will be available at all fine stores but a limited edition bundle which also includes their first album “Done At Last” for free is only available via our label online store and through some retailers based in the UK. Our shop edition also includes a free sticker as extra gift:

Lioncage – Ltd. Bundle:

Watch their official video for “Journeyman” here:


STEFAN BERGGREN to perform with keyboard legend DON AIREY at Musikmesse Frankfurt in April!

Swedish singer STEFAN BERGGREN once again will join keyboard legend DON AIREY’s band for a performance on center stage at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany on April 6th & 7th. For more details on this event, check this link:


Stay tuned for more updates and news about a new Melodic Rock signing next week!

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